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Therapy can help you learn ways to handle your challenges more effectively and make positive change in your life.

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy 

Therapy is an interactive process and the therapeutic relationship is one of the most significant factors in achieving outcome. In therapy with me, you will be welcomed into a safe and confidential environment where you will feel heard, understood and valued. We will work together to articulate your goals and you will learn the skills and strategies and techniques that will enable you to achieve the changes you want in your life.


Individual sessions are generally scheduled once a week and last 45 minutes. 

Couples Therapy

We live in a connected world, and technology has put therapy services within reach of people who cannot always attend sessions in person. 

With Telehealth I can conduct a standard therapy session using secure HIPPA compliant online video. While Telehealth does not replace traditional in-person therapy, it can be a supplement.  Insurance plans generally cover telemental health. However, benefits may vary according to individual plans.

Parent Guidance and Support
Parent Guidance and Support 

Parenting, undeniably, is a challenging task and hard work, and one for which we get no formal preparation or training. Coping with the daily demands of children can be exhausting and everyday situations can create a great deal of stress in a family. If you feel that parenting has become a struggle, consulting a therapist may be helpful in assisting you to develop tools for dealing with children’s behaviors.​

Children oftentimes experience problems as they grow and mature. Although most of the problems children experience tend to resolve within a relatively short period of time, at times, problems persist and interfere significantly with the child’s and family’s life. Consulting with a therapist can help parents learn behavior management strategies to help their children improve and problem solve.

Parent guidance and support has been shown to be effective for parents of children with ADHD in decreasing children’s behavior problems. Parenting a child with ADHD can be a difficult journey. Consulting with a therapist can give you the skills, support and help you need to be consistent and help build your child’s confidence, resilience and life skills. 

Parent guidance and support generally involves meetings with the parent, the child (depending on the age of the child) and if needed, with the parent and child together.

Postpartum Support
Postpartum Support

"A mother has to be born psychologically much as her baby is born physically....The motherhood mindset is not born at the moment the baby gives its first cry. The birth of a mother....gradually emerges from the cumulative work of the many months that precede and follow the actual birth of the baby.” Daniel Stern, MD , The Birth of a Mother .

The postpartum period is a time of change for families, one in which everyone is adjusting to a new normal. The transition to parenthood is difficult and can be very stressful. If you are struggling with adjustment to parenthood talking to a therapist can help you with the transition to your new role. 

The experience of depression and anxiety during pregnancy or within the first postpartum year is common. Research shows that 10-15% of perinatal women suffer from depression and anxiety. It is also estimated that 20-30% of mothers do not meet the diagnostic criteria for postpartum depression, however, they are distressed and are worried about how they feel. 

Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to treat a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder like postpartum depression is psychotherapy. Treatment for postpartum mood and anxiety disorders is generally brief and solution oriented and typically last 12-16 weeks. 

Click here to sign up for Postpartum Support Group. 

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